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Post Falls, Idaho is a beautiful city perfectly situated between gorgeous lakes, mountains, and rivers thus making it an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. All residents enjoy the four distinct seasons in Post Falls. Cool spring and fall days, beautiful snowy winter mountains and hot summers are perfect for boating and hiking. While winter has fantastic winter sports opportunities, it is refreshing to remember as spring approaches, that warm weather will soon brighten your days. The heaters switch off and soon the air conditioning units will switch on. Because while we do have extreme weather changes, we run the risk of being stuck in extreme temperatures  if our heating-cooling systems are not working properly, and that is just not acceptable.  But fear not, we at Air Control are there to help your heating & cooling systems run smoothly with every change of the season.

Be Prepared For Warm Weather

At Air Control Heating and Electric, we are happy to help you as the temperature plummets and rises. Annually, Americans spend over 11 billion dollars on cooling costs, and  one reason this number is so high is because many homeowners still have  inefficient air conditioning units.  Happily, the purchase of an efficient ac unit can reduce the energy used by 20-50%. Installing an energy efficient air conditioning unit in your home can save a significant amount of money. Our professional technicians can recommend a model that will fit your home and provide your home or business with comfort during the hot summer months, while saving you money. We have been repairing ac units for the last 25 years and we are experienced in providing you the best service available. We guarantee our work and will work hard for your satisfaction.

Regular Maintenance Saves You Money

If you already have a high efficiency air conditioning unit, scheduling regular tune-ups and yearly air conditioning service will keep it functioning as perfectly as the day you bought it. Call Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc.  and a technician will come to your home at the beginning of the season to service your cooling system and make sure your cooling unit is not losing its efficiency. Replacing the air filters regularly can lower your energy consumption by 5-15%.  Our experienced technician will also clean the unit of any build-up debris or dirt that has accumulated over the last year to make sure it’s in top shape for the coming season. Inspecting your windows and doors for possible drafts can also help make sure you’re not losing any precious cooled air or letting all that warm summer air in. Your technician can also identify other ways in which you can keep your home running as energy efficiently as possible.

We Stand By Our Service

When you call us in the middle of the night, we are always ready to respond. Our 24/7 service, even on weekends and holidays, means you will not be uncomfortable for long when you call us. We appreciate our customers and desire to give you 100% satisfaction on every job we perform. Earning an A+ rating from Spokane’s Better Business Bureau is something we are proud of, and it was accomplished by treating our customers as friends. It means a lot to have your continued loyalty over the years and we look forward to many more as we continue to satisfy your heating and cooling needs. We are always happy to help you.

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