The compressor in your heat pump or air conditioner functions much like the engine in your car in that it keeps running for many years, doing its job of moving refrigerant around inside your HVAC system so the system can do its job of heating and cooling your home. Like your car engine, the compressor in your HVAC system needs some periodic care maintenance. The main thing you must do extend the life of your compressor is to have it serviced periodically.

Once a year—preferably in the spring is adequate. The trained HVAC technician will do things like check the refrigerant charge, inspect the contractor to make sure it is not damaged from wear, and he will also check the superheat while the system is in operation. He will also meg-ohm the compressor windings. Each of these tasks requires specialized tools and training, and they really cannot be done properly by a homeowner. Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. performs hundreds of spring air conditioner tune-ups each year, and they are not expensive at all. Call our office at (509)924-0018 and you will be surprised how inexpensive it is to take proper care of your air conditioner system.

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