Game Changers

There are some new “game changers” in the HVAC market place. Here are the award-winners for 2014:

Fujitsu was the gold-award winner.  They have come up with a new mini-split design that uses floor-mount evaporators.  These can take the place  of floor-mount radiators in old boiler systems.  Not only do they provide an extremely efficient heat source, they also provide cooling in spaces without ductwork.

The silver game-changer award went to Nordyne for creating a packaged gas-electric unit that delivers 95% efficiency in heating mode.  80% efficient has been the standard until now. These units are currently made for residential-only, but commercial models will be available later this year.

Remember, you heard about these game-changers here first, compliments of Air Control Heating & Electric.  For more information about these new HVAC options, call our office at (509)924-0018.


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