Everyone knows about the superbowl and the stock market, right? If the NFC team wins, the stock market is supposed to go up that year. But did you know there is a superbowl indicator for your furnace? Here it is: Most homeowners change their filter at start of the heating season when they FIRE UP their furnace.

That’s good, but furnace filters don’t last forever and they usually need to be changed again at the mid-point of the heating season. Guess when that is? Right around mid-January, which just happens to be right around superbowl time. So here is your HVAC good-guy reminder: At half-time of the superbowl–go change your furnace filter! Heck, you are there to watch the game, not watch the half-time acts–so go change that filter! We will talk next summer about the 4th of July and your cooling system indicator, ok? 1/22/2015

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