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Ground Source Heat Pump Tax Credits Expiring

Ground source heat pumps have enjoyed an approximately 30% tax credit since 2008. That is now ending, effective at the end of 2016. These tax credits have encouraged many homeowners to install ground source heat pumps, which are extremely efficient, often providing SEER’s in the 16-18 range. However, the air-side market has responded, and today […]

Economic Potpourri & What It Means For You

A look at some of today’s headlines will give you an idea of what’s coming next for you in the HVAC industry. Home sales are up, and so are car sales, so consumers are back in the mood to make large purchases, and that often includes air conditioner and furnaces. New home sales especially drive […]

Finding Ventilation Problems in your Home or Office…

Homes and commercial buildings are built with tighter construction standards today. This often turns into a ventilation problem if the building also has any kind of ventilation system, such as bathroom exhaust fans, range hood or a clothes dryer. All of these systems remove air from the home or office, and if the building is […]

Air Control Heating & Electric Debate Scholarship Awarded for 2015

In case you did not know, Air Control Heating and Electric annually awards a high-school speech and debate scholarship to an outstanding debate student from the Inland Northwest. High school senior students from Washington, Oregon and Idaho are eligible, and the award is based solely on merit and accomplishment in the field of speech and […]


Most air conditioners operate using Refrigerant-22 as the refrigerant inside the cooling system. The refrigerant’s job is to carry heat–either from inside-out in the summer, or from outside-in in the winter, if you have a heat pump. Refrigerant-22 has been the refrigerant of choice for over 40 years, and goes by many names. In the […]

Spring is in the air–and Summer is coming

After an unusually cold winter nationally, temperatures are finally starting to warm up. Even though we had a fairly mild winter locally in Spokane, our HVAC equipment suppliers are impacted by national and world-wide temperatures. So consider this: 2014 was the hottest year on record worldwide, and HVAC equipment suppliers were severely stretched to keep […]


As of April 16, 2015 new energy efficiency standards are going into effect for residential water heaters. For instance, a 40 or 50 gallon electric water heater will now have an EF (energy factor) of .95 instead of .92. This higher efficiency rating will lower your cost of operation slightly, but it will also increase […]


People don’t call HVAC or electrical repair companies after-hours just to chat. When a customer calls after-hours, it is usually because something really BAD is happening, such as a no-heat emergency in freezing weather, or a no-cooling problem in the heat of summer. But in these days of greater electronic presence in our lives, more […]

Faulty HVAC Installations Reduce System Efficiency

If you are planning to buy a more efficient furnace or air conditioner when the present one finally dies or keeps requiring expensive repairs, keep in mind that efficiency ratings don’t mean much if your new HVAC system is not installed properly. For instance, you may be presented the option to upgrade from a 13 […]


The compressor in your heat pump or air conditioner functions much like the engine in your car in that it keeps running for many years, doing its job of moving refrigerant around inside your HVAC system so the system can do its job of heating and cooling your home. Like your car engine, the compressor […]