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Everyone knows about the superbowl and the stock market, right? If the NFC team wins, the stock market is supposed to go up that year. But did you know there is a superbowl indicator for your furnace? Here it is: Most homeowners change their filter at start of the heating season when they FIRE UP […]

Holiday Wishes From Air Control Heating & Electric

As we enter our 28th year of serving Spokane and the Inland Northwest for their heating, air conditioning and electrical needs, we want to shout out a big “Thank you” to the many thousands of customers who have helped to make our business a success over these many years. We want you to know that […]

It’s time for Furnace Repair: Tis the season for…Carbon Monoxide??

Yes, winter is almost here, as is Christmas. That means most people’s furnaces are hard at work keeping their home warm. Hopefully all those furnaces have received their annual safety inspection and tune-up. The fall furnace repair service is key, important, necessary, critical, essential……….well, you get the idea. If you own a GAS OR OIL […]

R-22 Final Phaseout–So What You Say?

Refrigerant 22 is in its final glidepath for being phased out. The last year of production for R-22 will be year 2020. After that, you will have a very hard time finding any R-22 around to recharge or “top off” your R-22 air conditioning system. The reason you should care about this is that R-22 […]

Rooftop Retrofits Made Easy…

Packaged Rooftop heating-cooling units are used on almost half of all commercial buildings, so they are literally everywhere! Newer RTU’s are more efficient than older units, and 90% efficient heating is coming for rooftop equipment. But what about the older, less-efficient units that are too costly to replace? Fortunately there is a solution: several manufactures […]


Heat pumps have grown in popularity recently, with a 16% increase in manufacturer shipments for 2013, and a 25% increase in shipments so far in 2014.  While most HVAC equipment shipments have been up recently, heat pumps have outstripped the market.  Here’s why: When heat pumps first came into the market back in the 70’s, they were not […]

They caught a bad guy..

Many of you have heard about the rash of petty criminals cutting up expensive air conditioning units for the copper & aluminum.  Along with being a theft, it is doubly irritating because these fools are destroying HVAC equipment worth many thousands of dollars for perhaps $20 dollars worth of copper.  What a waste!   Fortunately the police […]

Game Changers

There are some new “game changers” in the HVAC market place. Here are the award-winners for 2014: Fujitsu was the gold-award winner.  They have come up with a new mini-split design that uses floor-mount evaporators.  These can take the place  of floor-mount radiators in old boiler systems.  Not only do they provide an extremely efficient heat source, they also […]

Regional Efficiency Standards Vacated

The crazy-quilt US Department of Energy efficiency standards imposed by  the federal government 2 1/2 years ago have been vacated in the US District Court of Appeals.  The vacated DOE ruling actually called for different energy efficiency standards in different parts of the country, overturning decades of national consistency. For instance, the traditional 80% efficient furnace […]

Good-bye R-22 :(

Refrigerant 22, commonly known as R-22 has been the standard refrigerant for residential and commercial air conditioning for many decades, but now it has been outlawed and will go away in 2015.  R-22 was the refrigerant of choice when I broke into the HVAC industry in the 70’s, and it even became the refrigerant of choice for […]