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Wireless thermostat usage is expected to quadruple by 2017. The increased comfort and ease of control is overwhelming. Instead of your thermostat being fixed in one location, you can take the wireless thermostat with you from room to room. So no matter where you are in your home or office, the temperature will be exactly […]

Replacing Your Old Air Conditioning Unit

Replacing Your Old, Inefficient Air Conditioner will Save Money and Make Your Home More Comfortable. Along with providing comprehensive whole-house energy upgrades, we also handle specific, beneficial home improvements like replacing your current air conditioner with an energy-efficient model that’s properly sized for your home.  But we do more than just install a new version […]

Importance of Air Quality

A comfortable home means a healthy home. Indoor air quality is a major factor in the comfort level of your home. Whether relaxing, working from home or enjoying a meal with your family, people spend a large amount of time in their home. Homes today are designed and built for maximum comfort using quality materials and […]

It’s Here, Baby!

Yes, those are beads of sweat on your forehead…  that’s because summer weather is here!  Those of you that have air conditioners need to be changing the filters, cleaning the coils, inspecting the contactors, oiling the motors…or you can hire Air Control Heating to do all that for you.  Our PCSA tune-ups only cost $75.00, and they […]

Dept of Energy Northern Standards Delayed

A DOE rule requiring all indoor gas furnaces to be at least 90% efficient will be delayed pending a court challenge.  While the idea behind the rule of driving higher efficiency seems desirable, there are some buildings that simply cannot use a 90% furnace due to venting or other considerations.  An example of impossibility would […]

Spring is Allergy Season

Spring is allergy season. While many people seek medical assistance in dealing with allergy symptoms, simply maintaining good indoor air quality in your home is a key to reducing the impact of airborne pollutants that produce respiratory discomfort. We have many ways you can improve your health. Here are some tips for improving the indoor […]

Spring Quick Tip

Here’s a Spring Quick Tip Spring is here so we do not want to take up your valuable time. So, this week we have a quick tip. Check your filter every month, especially during months of heavy usage (winter and summer). If the filter looks dirty after a month, change it. At a minimum, change […]

Side-job Puts Homeowners at Risk!

Have you ever been tempted to hire someone to do a “side-job” for you?  That is, someone who knows how to do the work, but is really NOT a licensed contractor?  Sure you can save a few dollars, but what about the huge risk you are taking?  I am talking about the risk that IF […]

Improving Economy Means HVAC Price Increases

Our economy is improving in almost all areas.  Business profits are up, the stock market is up, and home prices have rebounded.  Consumers have more money now, and this means that HVAC equipment prices will be going up also.  But smart consumers know how to beat that increase and here’s how:  During the past several difficult years many manufacturers either deferred or minimized price […]

March is the Time to Think Green

When you think green as it relates to your home, the green you think of is money. Your home can be a money pit but, if you Go Green you can change that! We all look around our homes and can identify endless home improvement opportunities. But today with energy costs at an all-time high […]