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Energy efficency tax credits for homeowners of up to $500 are back as part of the Jan 1, 2013 fiscal cliff deal. Qualifying energy-efficient HVAC equipment installations can again receive federal tax credits for installing HVAC units that save energy and money. Water heaters, air conditiones and heat pumps are eligible for up to $300.; […]

Beware of Buying Flood-damaged equipment

When Huricane Sandy hit the East coast it did an estimated $50 billion dollars in damage, the second largest storm ever in dollar cost.  Homes and businesses were flooded, and many new near-new HVAC units were under water.  Submerged HVAC units are considered a 100% insurance loss because they are deemed unsafe to use, but unscrupulous […]


Daiken Industries, a large Japanese world-wide manufacturer, has announced their puchase of Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating, a major U.S. HVAC manufacturer. This should be interesting, because Daiken is in fact a fairly high-quality Japanese company, and Japanese HVAC equipment has been of generally superior quality.  Unlike Chinese manufacturers, Japanes companies tend to manufacture their USA-bound products in* […]

Announcing Our New Website!

We are very pleased to roll out our new and improved website.  It has many new and helpful features, including drop-down menus, consumer tools, and pictures of what you want to know about.  It is very user-friendly, and it truly is  ALL ABOUT YOU!      12/20/12

Winter is late this year-

Because of our unduly warm fall and later winter, many people have forgotten to tune  up their furnaces.  If winter comes fast, they will be trying to get routine maintenance done during the emergency season, and they will pay more and wait longer for it.  Don’t be one of those –get this maintenance task done NOW, not when it’s zero-degrees outside.  […]

80% AFUE Furnace Phase Out

This is a big change coming in residential & light-commercial furnaces.  Effective June 1, 2013, federal law requires that minimum furnace efficiency in the Northwest must be 90%.  That means that 80 percent furnaces cannot be installed after that date. All things being equal, many people would opt to pay the upcharge for a 90 percent […]

19% Increase – L&I Does It Again

The Washington State Dept of Labor & Industries has done it again: they have announced that IN ADDITION TO their regular annual workman’s compensation premium increases, they will be adding a 19% surcharge next year.  The following year they will add ANOTHER 19 percent  This is scheduled to go on for the next decade—to replenish […]

A Better Way to Solve Temperature Control Problems

All buildings have uneven temperatures.  It is not feasible to keep every part of a zone at exactly the desired temperature.  Good design criteria dictates that we liimit the deviation to within 2 degrees of the setpoint.  That means that if your thermostat is set for 74 degrees, the maximum acceptable temperature in the zone would […]

Hot Summer Coming?

The National Weather Service AND the Farmer’s Almanac are both prediciting a long, hot summer.  The NWS has it’s own scientific reasons for their prediction, based on the Japan current, La Nina, etc. , but I have found the Farmer’s Almanac to be uncannily accurate also.  I don’t know what their method is, but is seems to […]

Cheap AC Now

If you have been wanting air conditioning, but it has seemed too expensive, this might be a good time to move ahead.  This is early in the A/C season and there are a number of “hot deal” going around.  This is because manufacturers and wholesalers are clearning out last year’s inventory.  The units are new, […]