Wireless Thermostats

Have you heard about the new wireless themostats?

They offer two big advantages to the user.   First of all, they are easy to install.  Some thermostat locations are difficult to run wires to.  That requires extra time and money.  Wireless thermostats eliminate that expense, so they  save you money on the installation.

The second advantage is more subtle.  Since the thermostat is wireless, it is also portable, and you can take it with you anywhere in the house.  That means a lot in terms of comfort, because if the thermotat is near you, the temperature at that location is going to be exactly the temperature you set for the whole house.  Since temperatures in a house normally vary by plus or minus two degrees (a total range of 4 degrees), this can be the difference between being completely comfort vs making do with a blanket on your lap.

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