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From rafting and fishing to camping and swimming, the Spokane River Water Trail has something for everyone to enjoy this summer. If your air conditioner goes out, your home will not be a place you want to relax when the summer sun is out in force. If you are like most people, the only time you really think about the central air unit outside is when it breaks down. If your home is heating up because of a broken air conditioning unit in Spokane Valley, Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. can help you with any ac repair.

Nearly 30 Years Carries Weight

Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. has been helping residents of Spokane Valley with their air conditioning problems for three decades. We have done thousands of air conditioner installations in Spokane and more services call than we can count. With all that experience, our technicians know air conditioning units. From mini-splits installs to central air systems, we can fix it. No matter what brand, our technicians will have the experience level needed to keep your system running better and longer. We perform anything from regular maintenance to emergency calls. If your air conditioner stops working in the middle of the night on the Fourth of July, no problem, we offer 24 hour service, every day of the week. We work to keep you and your family in constant comfort.

Save Money this Summer

The last thing you want is your energy bill to chew holes through your paycheck. Here are a few tips to save money.

  • Out with the Old: If your central air system is more than 20 years old, you need a replacement. There are high efficiency air conditioning systems on the market that are can cut your energy costs by 20 to 50%.
  • Blind Control: If the hot summer sun is passing through your windows, your house is heating up. Keep your blinds and window covering closed when the sun wants to shine through.
  • Check the Fluff: If your home and attic have insufficient insulation, all that cold air your conditioner created is being pushed aside by the hot outside air.
  • Tune up Time: Ever heard the phrase, “an apple a day?” You air conditioning unit needs regular service too. Our technicians can keep your system running at peak efficiency.
  • The Baker needs a Break: Avoid using your oven or other heat producing appliances. That extra heat will make your air conditioning unit work harder. Cook on your outside grill whenever you can.
  • Flip on the Fan: Your ceiling fan can do wonders. The added air movement will make your home feel cooler. With your fans on, you can set your thermostat up four degrees and still feel comfortable with all that air movement.
  • Call Air Control Heating & Electric, Inc.: If you are looking for a new air conditioning system, we have a great selection that will lower your cooling costs. If your current system is running right, we know how to fix and maintain your system. We can install programmable thermostats that will help you regulate your indoor temperatures.

When you want superior customer service and knowledgeable professionals, you need to call Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. This summer, keep your house cool and comfortable call us today.


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