AC Install & Repairs In Spokane, WA

Air Conditioning your home or office in Spokane, WA

When you want to get up close and personal with some big cats, you can take a trip to the Cat Tails Zoological Park off of the Newport Highway. When hot months of July and August arrive, the last place you want to get up close to summer heat is in your home. If your air conditioning system is giving you fits, it is time to call in the professionals. When you want the cool comfort of cold air, Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. your answer. We are the solution to upgrades, conversions and ac installs in Spokane.

Say Good Bye To Your Swamp Cooler

Tired of getting up on your roof each spring and hoping that your swamp cooler will start? Are you tired of messing with water pumps, and swamp cooler tarps? Are you sick of turning your swamp cooler when it is hot outside and your home refuses to cool down? When you want the constant comfort of cool air, without the hassle of a swamp cooler it is time for a system upgrade. From mini-splits installations to central air units, we have an air conditioning system that is right for, you, your home, and your budget. We have a variety of energy efficient models that will reduce your energy bill. You will be able to keep your home cold without burning a hole in paycheck. Unlike swamp coolers, central air units remove moisture from your home and keep your entire home cool.

Size Isn’t Everything

Even if you already have a central air unit, if it is over 20 years old, it might be time for an upgrade. You can reduce air conditioning energy use by 20-50% by switching to a high efficiency air conditioner. Picking out the right air conditioning system depends on the size of your home. If you install a unit that is too small, it won’t be able to keep your home cool. If your air conditioning unit is too large, you will be wasting money on an oversized system. Our technicians will help you find a system that is perfect for your home. We specialize in air control; your new system will be installed the right way the first time. In addition, our technicians are certified electricians; we make sure it is correctly wired. We offer free estimates. We work to keep you in constant comfort.

Keep Your System Running Right

If you already have a central air unit, we can help you keep it running cooler longer. No matter what system is in your home, our technicians have the experience necessary to fix it and keep it running. We service and repair every system on the market. With over 27 years of experience we understand cooling systems. We thrive on great customer service. We have an A+ rating with the Spokane Better Business Bureau. If you need ac repairs in Spokane on a holiday or weekend, don’t worry. Our technicians are available. We offer 24-hour service. No matter what you need with your air conditioning system, we can help you. Call Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. today.

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