HVAC Accessories

HVAC Accessories-The Key to Comfort

Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. offers a wide variety of HVAC system accessories to enhance your heating and cooling experience.  Please contact us today with questions about the benefits of any accessories listed below.

*Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will keep your indoor temperature where you want it when you are home, and in savings mode the rest of the time…automatically.


A humidifier will keep your indoor humidity in the comfort range year-round

*Electronic Air Cleaner

A modern electronic air cleaner will remove dust, smoke, and even some virus from the air you breathe.




HVAC Accessories

Platinum ZV 950 Comfort Control Thermostat

The ultimate in indoor comfort and efficiency

  • 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen is easy to use in any light
  • Program wake, leave, return, sleep plus vacation heat and cool settings for seven different days
  • Automatically communicates and coordinates with your other system components via the AccuLink™   Communicating System
  • Displays live weather information so you know what to expect outdoors
  • Upgradeable software ensures you have the latest features and functionality
  • Ability to display digital images when not in use
  • Automatically reminds you when it’s time to change the filter or perform maintenance

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Honeywell Programmable Thermostats

 Honeywell Thermostats feature Ease of Use and Versatility


Enjoy greater comfort through more precise temperature control, plus save an additional 10-20% on your energy costs with Honeywell programmable thermostats.  Some models available with keyboard lockout to prevent unauthorized tampering.

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