Connie & Denny S.

“Dear Air Control:
Thanks for sending me your best installers. Matt and Robert did a great job and were very cordial (and funny), even under my near-constant supervision! Of course, anything that can go wrong did. Just as they were finishing up and ready to test the unit, the power in the neighborhood went out. I promptly told all of the neighbors that came out to see what had happened and that they had caused it (just kidding of course). Matt came back after power was restored and went over the programming with me. I’m sure my 9 yr. old grandson will be able to help me when I need to set up the program!!! Connie just came home from work and is very happy that we have real heat again.
Thanks again for your help and pass these kudos on to the boss. You all deserve a nice bonus.

P.S. When I told Matt that I had asked for the best installers, he told me that they had the day off so I was stuck with him and Robert.”