A Better Way to Solve Temperature Control Problems

All buildings have uneven temperatures.  It is not feasible to keep every part of a zone at exactly the desired temperature.  Good design criteria dictates that we liimit the deviation to within 2 degrees of the setpoint.  That means that if your thermostat is set for 74 degrees, the maximum acceptable temperature in the zone would be 76 degrees, and the minimum temperature would be 72 degrees.  That is considered acceptable.   But sometimes due to poor design or changes within the zone, the temperature varies more than that.   What to do??

One good solution to this problem is to install a mini-split heat pump in the trouble spot.  A mini-split heat pump will heat or cool independently  and make your hot or cold spot go away.  Key benefits are that mini-splits are extremely quiet, so you never really notice them running.  They are also extremely efficient, with up to 24 SEER ratings, which is almost double the efficiency of even new air conditioners.   Another benefit is that this solution requires no other changes in your HVAC system–the rest of the system will continue to operate just as it always has, except that the trouble spot no longer exists.

Minisplits range in size from 3/4 Ton all the way up to 3 Tons.  Additionally, minisplits can have 2 or even 3 air handler/evaporators connected to the same outdoor unit, with each air handler independantly controlliing temperature in a separrate zone.    Mini-splits are a great solution to an old problems.  For more information, call 509-924-0018 and ask for one of our comfort consultants.

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