Beware of Buying Flood-damaged equipment

When Huricane Sandy hit the East coast it did an estimated $50 billion dollars in damage, the second largest storm ever in dollar cost.  Homes and businesses were flooded, and many new near-new HVAC units were under water.  Submerged HVAC units are considered a 100% insurance loss because they are deemed unsafe to use, but unscrupulous con men somtimes buy these units at a fraction of their dimnished market value and resell them to unsuspecting contractors or homeowners.  You may think you are getting a good deal, but in reality you are buying damaged equipment that may malfunction in a dangerous way.  So take a close look at the packaging and also the contents of any electrical appliances you are buying and look for any signs of water marks or water damage.  Reject any suspicous products or packaging….for you own safety.   Jan 2, 2013

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