Heat Pump Efficiency Ratings

Heat Pump efficiency is rated differently than air conditioners. Heat pump efficiency is measured by “Heating Season Performance Factor ” or HSPF.  Without getting into the details, the main reason Heat Pumps are rated differently is that heat pumps needs supplemental heat to maintain space temperature when its really cold outside.  Supplemental heat costs more than heat from the heat pump, and that additional cost is factored into the HSPF.

A good HSPF is between 7-9, and is a measure of the number of BTU’s produced per watt of energy consumed. Since a good air conditioner SEER is 13-16, the difference between these numbers is directly attributable to higher supplemental heat costs, and also to the heat pump operating in low outside temperatures.  If you want more details on heat pump efficiency, or a FREE Estimate, please call our Spokane office at (509)924-0018.

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