How to get $1,500 Towards a New Mini Split Heat Pump

Even though the big $1500.00 federal tax credit for energy-efficient heating equipment ended Dec 31, 2010, there is still an opportunity for consumers to get this amount of money toward a heat pump if you are a customer in the Avista or Vera utility districts.  To qualiify, you have to live in an electrically heated home that is presently using resistance electric heat.  If so, you can received $1500.00  towards the installation of a qualifying mini-split heat pump from an industry group called the “Northwest Heat Pump Project”.    This is not a gimmick, and the ppayment will typically cover over 1/3 of the installation cost.  NWHPP is cooperative sponsored by utilities in the Northwest, with the purpose of reducing electric usage for customers through their program.  For more information call our office in Spokane at 509-924-0018.

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