R410A or R22

A few years ago, refrigerant R-22 was actually designated at the “environmentally safe” refrigerant, and was scheduled to be used until 2035.  But now the EPA has accelerated the R-22 phaseout.  R410A is now the “environmentally safe” refrigerant.  But R-22 is still in use, and can still be purchased.  In fact you can buy dry-charged R-22 equipment.  So which one should you choose?  There is no one answer, but there is a clear choice.  Depending on your situation,  here are the answers you need:

IF YOU ARE PUTTING IN AN ENTIRELY NEW SYSTEM, choose R-410A, no question.  There is no cost penalty, and  R-410A is going to be available for a long time.

IF YOU ARE REPLACING JUST YOUR NEWER OUTDOOR CONDENSING UNIT, and your R-22 system is less than 10 years old, consider buying a “dry R-22 unit”.  It has no R-22 refrigerant in it, but you can use the refrigerant from the old system to recharge the new system.  This will allow you to reuse you old evaporator, saving you approximately $1,000 dollars on the job.

IF YOU ARE COMPLETELY REPLACING YOUR OLD A/C system (over 10 years old), you will need to replace both indoor evaporator and outdoor condenser, and you should just go with a new R410A system.  You will have a completely new system, and you should just go with the newest refrigerant, which is R-410A and should be available as long as you will ever need it.  If you have further questions on this, email me at:max@aircontrolspokane.com or call 509-924-0018

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