Watch Out for the New Cell Phone Law

It has been illegal to drive and use a cell phone since 2008. More recently it became a primary offense, which means the police can now stop you for that alone.  But even more recently, the police have begun stopping people talking on cell phones in Spokane and actually giving them tickets.  The police are starting to implement the law.  So, it is time to stop fooling around with your cell phone and get a handls-free device. Fortunately there are some pretty good ones out there now that give good fidelity and cost only around $50.00. That is a lot less than a ticket, so m aybe it is time to get one for yourself.

Philosphically, I have to ask myself whether careful talking on the cell phone while driving is really more distracting than say, eating a hamburger, drinking coffee, or sitting close with your sweetheart while driving.  But the fact is, we live in a “nanny” state, and until the law is refined to address actual bad driving, you have to protect yourself.  So, go check out the latest hands-free devices.  You may just like what you find!

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