Wireless Thermostats and Other Marvels

Have you even been in a room that was too cold or too hot, yet the thermostat was reading “satisifed”?  A nifty solution to this problem is to install a “wireless” thermostat.  It works just like any other themostat, controlling the heating & cooling equipment to maintain its programmed temperature.  But there is a big difference–since it is wireless, you can take it with you to whatever room you are in.  That room will then be automatically brought to the temperature you want.  Move to another room, and you can take the thermostat with you and that room will then be brought to the desired temperature.

A wireless themostat has another advantage also.  Modern high-tech HVAC equipment often requires more control wires than what are available for the old system.  Sometimes it is possible to run a larger thermostat wire cable.  But if not, due to finished basements, distance, etc. a wireless thermostat will solve this problem instantly.  And likely the labor savings from NOT having to run new thermostat wire cables will more than pay for the wireless upgrade.

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