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Commercial HVAC Units

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Commercial Package Rooftop Units are the most common way of heating & cooling commercial buildings in Spokane and Couer d’Alene. Package units combine all heating, cooling & ventilation functions into one large box, or  “package”.  They generally use gas for heating, and the cooling is electric.  They are usually on the roof—out of sight — or in a mechanical room inside the building. They range in size from 3-tons up to 100+ tons.

Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. is a commercial retrofit specialist. That means we specialize in replacing and upgrading commercial HVAC equipment that is outmoded, broken beyond repair, or the building has a new use that requires a different HVAC system.

Our Qualifications: Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. has over 25 years experience in designing and retrofitting commercial buildings with modernized HVAC systems.   We have completed over 4,000 installations, so we know what we are doing. Call us for a Free estimate if you need to replace or update your commercial HVAC system.


Commercial HVAC

YSC and YHC Light Commercial Rooftop units-

Ideal for replacing existing older rooftop heating-cooling units


American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s packaged rooftop units are powerful for their size and packed with features to handle the most demanding light commercial applications.

  • Includes gas/electric and heat pump applications in 3-10 ton capacities and 12.5-25 ton capacities.
  • All 3-10-ton models feature tubular heat exchangers with two heating capacities to choose from.
  • Durable & dependable scroll compressors in most 3-25 ton packaged units ensure longer unit life.
  • Large variety of motor and drive options offer unprecendented flexibility.
  • Factory-installed options include– stainless steel heat exchanger, smoke detectors, through-the-base wiring, & on-board convenience outlet.  ReliaTel™ Microprocessor controls option offers better reliability, faster installation and better onboard diagnostics.
  • These units are highly customizable and easy to install

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Air Control Heating and Electric specializes in turnkey Commercial Retrofit Projects


Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial Retrofit Units by Trane/American Standard

3-25 tons capacity available

Commercial Retrofit projects are extremely varied and require onsite visits and design to select the correct system for your building.

For a consultation and Free Replacement Estimate, Call 509-924-0018 WA, or 208-667-4155ID
Air Control Heating and Electric specializes in turnkey Commercial Retrofit Projects. We have completed over 4,000 HVAC retrofit projects since 1986, most of them of our own design.
Light Commercial Split Systems-

Light Commercial Split System HVAC Units by Trane/American Standard

TTA_TWEA_GROUP The Trane/American Standard Light Commercial Split Systems Group, series TTA/TWE, is comprised of exclusively Commercial Heating and Cooling Equipment.  If it’s time to update the heating-cooling system in your commercial building, call us.

Call Air Control Heating for a consultation and Free Estimate at 509-924-0018 WA, (208)667-4155 ID

Air Control Heating specializes in turnkey retrofit HVAC projects.  We have completed over 4,000 such projects since 1986! 

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