Which Thermostat Should You Choose?

Which Thermostat Should You Choose?

Which Thermostat Should YOU Choose?

We now have many more thermostats to choose from than just a few years ago, and I am not just talking about color. The biggest change is that cutting-edge technology options have been incorporated into residential & commercial thermostats. We have had “smart stats” for a long time, but the definition of “smart” has changed. A “smart stat” used to mean it learned your user-installed program and would begin to anticipate when to start the heating or cooling system in order to arrive at the desired set-point at the desired time.

Today a “smart stat” (and I am going to lose the quote marks now) may be connected to the internet and can be accessed remotely to change or check to program. It may also integrate into your home security system or cameras for remote viewing. It may also be wireless and have the ability to be carried with you around the house, so the set-point is measured wherever you happen to be in your home or office. The downside of all this technology is that it is complicated, and you have to be a bit of a techie to fully use all the features or to make any program changes in your thermostat.

People who are home all day may be better off with an older-style thermostat that is easier to use. Many elderly or non-techie people struggle with the newer high-tech thermostats and may be better served with a simpler unit–which also costs a lot less. Also, if you have a malfunction of your high-tech or proprietary control system, fewer service technicians will be able to handle the repairs. So before you get sold on the latest high-tech control gadget, consider if it really meets your needs, and also consider the extra cost vs. benefits. As the customer, you should expect to be presented with a variety of control options, and be allowed to make the best decision for your needs–and not be up-sold an overly complicated system unless that is what you really want. For more information or help with this decision, please call our office at (509) 924-0018. Oct 28, 2015

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