Liberty Lake, WA HVAC Installations and Repairs

Serving Liberty Lake’s HVAC Residential and Commercial Needs for Decades

There aren’t many companies that can say they’ve been helping Inland Northwest residents for around three decades. That adds up to a lot of experience, and it requires a solid reputation for excellence to stay in the HVAC business in one region for so long. However, Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. has been doing just that. We assist home and business owners alike with everything from furnaces to air conditioners, boilers to water heaters, and even with electrical issues.

Service for Businesses

We handle every aspect of commercial HVAC service. Whether you need a new HVAC unit integrated with a system designed for an older machine, or simply want to keep up with regular maintenance, we can assist. We’ve installed thousands of systems over the years and understand the intricacies involved in large commercial units. We also know how businesses work, and we’re happy to provide a cost-comparison estimate or bid at no charge. Plus, we follow up with emergency service calls as quickly as possible, and will arrive within 24 hours every time.

Service for Residences

Homeowners receive the same high-quality and prompt HVAC service that business owners do. Our 24-hour rule applies to residential emergency calls, too, though we usually arrive much sooner. It doesn’t matter whether you’re calling us for the first time or have worked with us for years, you’ll receive the same superior service. If you’re shopping around for a new system or would like a bid, we provide free estimates for our residential customers, as well. Moreover, our professional technicians can provide routine tune-ups, to help keep your system running efficiently and smoothly. We stand by you every step of the way, whether you’re selecting the best new unit or making decisions about whether to repair or replace worn out or broken systems. Plus, we have the tenure to ensure that if and when you need us again, we will be here.

Our office staff is available to help you navigate any government-sponsored rebates, answer your heating and cooling questions, or to schedule an appointment. Liberty Lake residents can reach us directly by calling (509) 924-0018 .

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Our Mission:

“We provide our customers with safe and effective solutions to their HVAC installation and service needs at an economical price that represents the best value for their money. We believe this will create long-term relationships that are in the best interest of both the customer and the company.”