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The Fourth of July in Ritzville is a time to watch the night sky light up with a free firework show presented by the Life Care Center. The Fourth of July is also a great time to be thinking about your air conditioning, especially if it is not working. Spending any time in a sweltering hot house is no way to spend your summer. When air conditioning emergencies strike, it is time to call in the experts. Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. is your solution to constant comfort. We have been helping the people of Ritzville with their air conditioning concerns since 1986. And with an A+ rating from the Spokane Better Business Bureau; you can feel comfortable knowing we are serious about customer service.  Don’t hesitate; call your Ritzville air conditioning experts today.

Let Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. Protect Your Air Conditioner

Regular maintenance goes a long way. Our technicians will be able to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Regular air conditioning maintenance will help your cooling unit last longer. No matter what type of system you have keeping your home cool; our technicians will have the experience needed to keep it running. We work to keep you and your family comfortable.

We Can Help With Your Upgrade

If your air conditioning unit is over 20 years old, you might need a replacement soon. Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. has a variety of new high-energy efficient models that will keep your home cooler without chewing up your paycheck. A new unit can decrease your energy bill anywhere from 20 to 50 percent. We offer free estimates that will help you stay within your budget. If you are not certain about the right upgrade, we can help. The last thing you want is unit that is too small to keep your house cold, or a unit that is so large that your money has been wasted. Our technicians will help you find a central air unit that is right for your home. We find all the possible units that will match your home’s square footage. We can provide air conditioner installs and soon you will be basking in the cool interior of your home.

We Offer Emergency Services

Your comfort is our priority. If your air conditioner goes out during in the middle of the night, don’t worry, we offer 24-hour emergency air conditioning services. If your system stops cooling your home on the Fourth of July, our technicians are ready to help you even on holidays. We work fast and efficient to get your air condition back up and running. From mini-splits to central air systems, our technicians can handle any air conditioning problem.

Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. Is Your Air Conditioning Solution

Make the right call the first time. With Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. you get the best in the business. Our courteous, skilled technicians are ready to help you with your air conditioning. From maintenance and repair, to upgrades and 24-hour emergency air conditioning service, we are your source for air conditioning. Reclaim your home from the heat of summer, give us a call today.

The experts at Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc. install and service all types of air conditioning systems in Ritzville, WA. If you’re looking to buy your first A/C system or are hoping to save on energy bills with a more efficient, modern cooling system, we can advise you on what best suits your needs and budget. Of course if you’re happy with your current system, our technicians can handle all of your maintenance and air conditioner repairs.

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