Adding Air Conditioning

NOW is a great time to add Air Conditioning to your home or office due to the available rebates and tax credits. Air Conditioning can easily be added to most homes or commercial buildings. We install both residential and commercial systems, so please call or email us for a free consultation and estimate.

Rebates – There are a variety of federal, utility, and manufacturer rebates available to encourage the purchase of high-efficiency air conditioning equipment.  We stay on top of the latest rebate opportunities, and can advise you as to your options. See our REBATES page and ask one of our Comfor Consultants details.


Our primary residential brand is American Standard, the unit rated #1 by Consumer Reports (look it up!)


Commercial brand selection is more design-driven, and will vary with the application. If you need to replace your commercial air conditioning equipment, let us evaluate your system and select the best replacement options for you.

About Air Conditioning

Repair vs. Replace

When repair or operating costs become excessive, it may be time to replace your air conditioner. Air Control is a market leader, and replaces literally hundreds of air conditioners every year. We are fast, reliable and cost effective. Most jobs are completed the same day, without customer inconvenience. We are also licensed electrical contractors, so we handle the asociated electrical work also. Just call or email us for a FREE ESTIMATE by one of our Comfort Consultants.PM with Help

Adding Ductwork

Some homes or offices lack the necessary ductwork for an air conditioner. Don’t worry–our skilled Comfort Consultants can design a suitable duct system for your home or office. Installing an air conditioning system will increase your comfort, as well as your property values.


Modern air conditioning units are much more efficient than even a few years ago. This means your new air conditioner will cost you a LOT less to operate. Your savings can help pay for the job over a period of time.

Heat Pump vs Air Conditioner?

It Does Both: A heat pump will heat your home, but it is also an air conditioner. It works by “capturing” heat outside in the winter and bringing it inside, rather than burning a fossil fuel like gas or oil. Since heat pumps are the most economical heating-cooling system on the market today, you get extremely low-cost cooling in the summer as well as lower heating bills in the winter.

Right-Sizing: Proper sizing of a heat pump system is critical. If it is too small, it won’t keep you warm. Too large, and it won’t operate as efficiently as it should. Be sure to call Air Control for a free consultation before you buy a heat pump.

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