Springtime is Almost Here- Do You Know What that Means?

The calendar may still say it’s still winter, but look outside and you will see that the sun is shining….and the thermometer says 50+ degrees. Holy cow! That’s spring weather! So along with pruning away the dead branches from winter storms, cleaning your golf clubs and a hundred other seasonal tasks, you need to also remember air conditioner repair. You know him–that expensive appliance that has been dozing all winter, doing nothing.

Well, that air conditioner repair is about to get a wake-up call and in another few weeks it will have to start doing its job of cooling your home or office for month after scorching month. And just like you when you need to work hard, you have to get in shape. For us that may mean hitting the elliptical trainer, but your air conditioner needs a different training program….he needs his coils cleaned, his motors oiled, and his refrigerant charged checked, just to name a few things.

The list of services your air conditioner needs before summer to over 20, and they need to be done by a professional that has the tools and training to do things right. And just like you, if you don’t get in shape before heavy exertion, you may hurt yourself. Same goes for your A/C unit. If you make him run hard with dirty coils, inadequate refrigerant charge, or a host of other deficiencies, he WILL hurt himself, and cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process.

So call your local HVAC professional now and get your spring air conditioner repair tune-up scheduled before the industry gets too busy and prices go up. If you already have an HVAC pro, call him. If you don’t have a company you know, or if you are our HVAC company, then call us this week to get scheduled for a spring A/C tune-up. Our office number if 924-0018, and it just takes a moment. Plus, we would like to hear from you, so what are you waiting for?

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