Hot Summer Coming?

The National Weather Service AND the Farmer’s Almanac are both prediciting a long, hot summer.  The NWS has it’s own scientific reasons for their prediction, based on the Japan current, La Nina, etc. , but I have found the Farmer’s Almanac to be uncannily accurate also.  I don’t know what their method is, but is seems to work.  If they are correct, you should prepare, by 1) getting your air conditioner serviced and ready to go, or 2) if you don’t have an A/C but have been thinking about buying one, do it now.  Extreme heat is no laughting matter.  When it occurs as it does every few years, it causes not only discomfort,  but also many deaths–especially among the elderly or infirm.  For a FREE air conditioning estimate, call Air Control Heating at 509-924-0018.


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