It’s Here, Baby!

Yes, those are beads of sweat on your forehead…  that’s because summer weather is here!  Those of you that have air conditioners need to be changing the filters, cleaning the coils, inspecting the contactors, oiling the motors…or you can hire Air Control Heating to do all that for you.  Our PCSA tune-ups only cost $75.00, and they will pay for themselves in energy savings alone.  So call us today and save yourself some grief.

For those of you that do not yet enjoy air conditioning at your home or office, let me tell you that we have some great early-season specials, and WE HAVE FINANCING at very low rates.  Air conditioning is not really a luxury anymore; it’s a part of normal, daily life.  If you would like to know the cost of adding air conditioning to your home, both in total cost and also as a monthly payment if financed, call us today at 228-7411 for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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