New Federal HVAC Tax Credits

With the expiration of the 2010 tax credit incentives for installing igh-efficiency furnaces and/or heat pumps, many have been wondering if new incentive credits would be forthcoming to encourage consumers to continue installing high-efficiency systems.  I am happy to say that is indeed the case.  Here they are:

Central Air Conditioners:  16SEER and 13EER = $300.00 tax credit

Heat Pumps:  15 SEER and 12.5 EER = $300 tax credit

Natural Gas Furnace :  95% AFUE = $150.00 tax credit.

Advanced Main Air Circulating Fan (ECM Blower) = $50.00 tax credit

These are very good tax credits.  Keep in mind that you can get several rebates on one project.  For instance, you could install a 95% gas furnace with an ECM blower, then add an 16 SEER air conditioner or heat pump for cooling.  You would get $95 + $50 + $300.00 for a total rebate of $445.00.  Not bad!  The maximum available combined rebate is $500.00.

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