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How to get $1,500 Towards a New Mini Split Heat Pump

Even though the big $1500.00 federal tax credit for energy-efficient heating equipment ended Dec 31, 2010, there is still an opportunity for consumers to get this amount of money toward a heat pump if you are a customer in the Avista or Vera utility districts.  To qualiify, you have to live in an electrically heated […]

New Federal HVAC Tax Credits

With the expiration of the 2010 tax credit incentives for installing igh-efficiency furnaces and/or heat pumps, many have been wondering if new incentive credits would be forthcoming to encourage consumers to continue installing high-efficiency systems.  I am happy to say that is indeed the case.  Here they are: Central Air Conditioners:  16SEER and 13EER = $300.00 […]

Utility Rebates Also Ending

Avista, the main local utility in Spokane WA and North Idaho, presently offers very lucrative incentives for homeowners to upgrade their heating systems. For instance, they will pay you $400.00 to install a 90% efficient gas furnace, and another $400.00 to install a 9 HSPF heat pump.  If you do both, they will pay you $800.00!  Unfortunately, those incentives […]

Wireless Thermostats

Have you heard about the new wireless themostats? They offer two big advantages to the user.   First of all, they are easy to install.  Some thermostat locations are difficult to run wires to.  That requires extra time and money.  Wireless thermostats eliminate that expense, so they  save you money on the installation. The second advantage is more […]

Playing Zone Heating Defense

Zone Defense? No, I am not talking football.  I am talking about adding zoning to your HVAC system.  Modern zoning capabilities have advanced dramatically, and it is now possible AND ECONOMICAL to add zoning to most light commercial and/or residential heating-cooling systems. Why would you want to do that? If you have hot or cold […]

Fuel Cost Changes from Winter

Here is an interesting update on the cost of fuel since last winter: Natural gas cost about $1.25 per therm: current cost is about $0.78/therm (down 37%) Electricity cost about $0.07 per KW: current cost is the same Fuel oil cost $4.00 per gallon: current cost is about $2.99/gal (down 25%) Propane cost about $2.99/gallone: […]

Consumer Service Tips

This page is provided as a general information advisory service to our customers to help you determine when you need professional help. If you have any doubt as to whether your HVAC equipment is operating properly, you should call a professional at once. Better safe than sorry! IF YOUR FURNACE QUITS WORKING, CHECK THESE ITEMS […]

Replace Your Heating System

Which Brand? Consumer Reports lists American Standard as the #1 top-rated residential heating & cooling equipment manufacturer (look it up!). American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning remains the name to trust. Over the past DECADE it has consistently ranked the highest in Quality and Reliability from a leading consumer reporting magazine and mirrors Air Control’s highest […]

Adding Air Conditioning

NOW is a great time to add Air Conditioning to your home or office due to the available rebates and tax credits. Air Conditioning can easily be added to most homes or commercial buildings. We install both residential and commercial systems, so please call or email us for a free consultation and estimate. Rebates – […]