Playing Zone Heating Defense

Zone Defense?

No, I am not talking football.  I am talking about adding zoning to your HVAC system.  Modern zoning capabilities have advanced dramatically, and it is now possible AND ECONOMICAL to add zoning to most light commercial and/or residential heating-cooling systems.

Why would you want to do that?

If you have hot or cold areas of your home or office due to poor ductwork design, varying loads, or if you have areas you want to keep at diiferent temperatures either for reasons of economy or comfort, zoning will do all that for you and more.

The clearest example to help you understand would be a multi-level home with the bedrooms upstairs.  In the winter, hot air rises and helps handle the heating load, but in the summer the upstairs areas are made worse by the rising hot air, and the upper levels often become unbearably hot in the summer.  Examples of a commercial building experiencing temperature extremes might be due to west-facing windows gaining more heat that the rest of the building from the afternoon sun, or a conference room that has no one in it one day, and 40 people the next.  In these examples, those areas will become exceissively hot under heavy load, resulting in occupant discomfort and reduced productivity.

Zoning can take care of these problems easily, economically, and best of all thoroughly. You would just be amazed at how much difference a modern zoning system can make in regulating diverse temperatures.  Now, one should always be careful with one’s money, so if you don’t have a substantial problem at your home or office, don’t worry about a few degrees of variation.  But if you do have major variations in temperature, you need to know that there is an economical solution.

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