Springtime is Too Late – Watch Out for Trouble

Spring looks to be getting a slow start this year.  What that can mean is that we go quickly from “winter” to summer.  Often this does not give people adequate time to have their air conditioner serviced in advance of being used.  If your cooling system has a problem that would normally be diagnosed and corrected during the early season checkup, and you do NOT get that dealt with in advance of use, you may wind up with a much more expensive repair than the original one.  The point is– you should look at the calendar, not the thermometer, and get your air conditioner serviced at the regularly scheduled time.  In the Northwest, that should be either April or May.  Call us at 228-7411 and get on the schedule now.  You can even call now and schedule the service for May.  Just don’t forget to do it, because it can cost you a lot of money unnecessarily.

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