I recently told you about the benefits of wireless thermostats, the biggest benefits being 1) you are able to place the thermostat anywhere in your home or office and maintain the desired temperature at that location, and 2)wireless means no wiring to install, so you save money! This technology has really taken off, and the wireless thermostat market is expected to QUADRUPLE by 2017. Wireless thermostat shipments were up 46% last year alone. That means the cost of this technology is coming down, and there have also been further technology advances, such as remote access from your smartphone. If you think it’s time for you to get on board wireless thermostat technology, Call Air Control at 228-7411. We will be happy to discuss the advantages of wireless thermostats with you. We value our customers and are happy to discuss any of your HVACR needs, so feel free to call on the little things like thermostats as well as the big jobs such as equipment replacement.

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