Replace Your Heating System

Replace Your Heating System

Replace Your Heating System

Which Brand? Consumer Reports lists American Standard as the #1 top-rated residential heating & cooling equipment manufacturer (look it up!). American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning remains the name to trust. Over the past DECADE, it has consistently ranked the highest in Quality and Reliability from a leading consumer reporting magazine and mirrors Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc’s highest standard for taking care of our customers.

Which Company?

The most important component of any installation is the dealer that you trust to do the job right the first time. Our team of specialists is trained to insure the proper sizing and custom installation that delivers every bit of efficiency and comfort you have selected for you and your family.


There are substantial federal, utility, and manufacturer rebates available to encourage you to purchase more efficient heating-cooling equipment. We stay on top of the current rebate opportunities so we can advise you as to your best options. That’s another way we give you the most for your money!

Why Heat Pumps?

  • Cost of Operation: Due to the increased cost of natural gas, oil, and propane, heat pumps have become the most economical form of heating. Plus, you get air conditioning in the bargain!
  • Reliability: Since heat pumps run year-round to provide both heating and cooling, reliability and quality are key considerations. Buy only the best or you may spend your fuel savings on repairs! You can count on American Standard’s legendary reliability to keep you comfortable for many years.
  • Repair vs. Replace: If your present heat pump compressor has failed, or repair costs have become excessive, it may be time to replace the entire unit. It is very important to properly match the outdoor unit and the indoor coil to receive the Mfg.’s full stated efficiency, so you may have to replace both.

Modern heat pumps are more reliable and efficient than ever, so when you do replace your present heat pump you can look forward to lower heating bills as well as long equipment life. The average heat pump life is 17-20 years. How old is your unit?

Night-Setback Thermostats: Don’t forget to also install a programmable thermostat for additional energy savings of 10-20%, as well as greater comfort and convenience.

Boilers & Hydronic Heat

  • Repair vs. Replace: Many older boilers are extremely inefficient, with actual fuel efficiencies as low as 50%. Modern boilers, on the other hand, can achieve up to 95% heating efficiency. If you have an older boiler, now is the time to consider replacing it–while there are government and utility incentives to help defray the cost.
  • Brands: We are boiler retrofit specialists, so if you need to replace or update your old steam or hot water boiler system, call Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc to design the solution. Our primary brands are Lochinvar, Weil-McLain, and H.B. Smith
  • Commercial Boilers: Although considerably more complicated, we regularly design and replace commercial boilers systems also. After the installation, our service department will be there to perform the necessary ongoing maintenance to keep your boiler operating reliably and efficiently.
  • Oil Furnaces: Many older oil furnaces are inefficient and cost a fortune to operate. If it is time to replace, upgrade, or convert your oil furnace, please call or email us for an evaluation and FREE Estimate. Due to government and utility incentives, this is also a great time to make the change.

Gas Furnaces

  • Efficiency Options: When your gas furnace must be replaced, you have choices between 80%, 90%, and 95% efficiency options. Higher efficiency furnaces cost more upfront, but will soon pay for themselves in fuel, electrical, and rebate savings. We recommend that you install a 95% efficient furnace if possible because the federal government is currently offering up to a $1500.00 tax credit. Ask our comfort consultant for details.
  • Repair vs. Replace: When your furnace finally wears out, or repair costs become excessive, it is time to think about replacing it. Air Control Heating and Electric, Inc replace literally hundreds of furnaces each year. We are fast, reliable, and cost-effective. Most jobs are completed the same day, minimizing any inconvenience in cold weather. Please call or email us for a free estimate. The average furnace life is 17-20 years. How old is your furnace?
  • Adding Ductwork: Some homes lack the necessary ductwork for a proper heating system. But don’t worry—we can also design and install a complete ductwork system for your home. A properly ducted HVAC system will provide greatly improved comfort and efficiency, as well as increase your home’s value.
  • Rebates: There are a variety of federal and local rebates available to encourage consumers to purchase high-efficiency equipment. Please see our “REBATES” page, and ask our comfort consultant for details.
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